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AAT Claims and Facts: Mating Postures and the AAT


The ventro-ventro copulation argument for the AAH is one of those that, surely, is best categorised as 'scraping out the barrel'. Hardy, of course, never alluded to it but it seems to have held a certain fascination for Elaine Morgan.

Moore points out that several aquatic mammals do not mate face to face and several close relatives of our, the best example being the bonobo, do so. Moore also reminds us that humans don't always copulate face-to-face.

It has always struck me that  ventro-ventro copulation in primates is merely a function of the degree of bipedality they can exhibit. The more committed to quadrupedalism, the less likely they are to mate face-to-face. Of course there are very strong aquatic arguments in favour of bipedal origins but we'll leave that subject for now.

So, yes, Jim Moore is absolutely right on this point but it hardly causes a ripple to the other AAH arguments.

Just one snipe, however. Moore concludes by writing "Since this sexual position is not uncommon among higher primates, it shouldn't be surprising to find humans doing it. Why does this surprise AAT proponents so? I don't know." No citation in sight, again, notice? Well it certainly doesn't surprise me.