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AAT Claims and Facts: Salt and the AAT


Yet more Moore on salt...

If we add the 5,000 words Moore has written on this page to the 5,700 he has already written on related subjects we can see that he has produced about 3-5 times as much as two of the major pillars of the AAH were afforded. Moore wrote about 2,000 words and 30 paragraphs on hairlessness; about 3,000 words and 33 paragraphs on fat (actually only about 1,800 words and 15 paragraphs if you take away the copious quotations from Pond). Readers should also take more note that he has written not a single word against one of the strongest arguments for a form of AAH - the case for a wading origin for hominin bipedalism. (His page on aldosterone and bipedalism contained about 2,000 words but most of it focused on what Moore claimed was a misrepresentation of the function of the hormone in Ganong's text book and not any of the arguments in favour of a wading hypothesis.)

Many of the arguments posted here are along similar lines to the ones reviewed on the last two pages. I will therefore return to this page to review it properly when I have reviewed other pages which critique the AAH from different angles.



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