Jim Moore’s (Not the Anthropologist’s) Web Site


Astonishingly, probably the most cited “critique” of the so-called “aquatic ape hypothesis” is the journalistic web site of a layman called Jim Moore. There is an anthropologist called Jim Moore but that’s a different person. I sometimes wonder if anthropologists that cite it realise this.

Anyway, the link above will take you to his self-styled “scientific critique”. I recommend people read as much of it as they like but if they do, that they also read my corresponding counter-critique. As far as I have been able, each page of his web site has a corresponding counter critique. Each of my pages links to his but the reverse is not true.

My counter-critique starts here.

Most disappointing to me is that people I would otherwise respect, such as Pharyngula author and well known skeptic, PZ Myers, continue to give Jim Moore kudos he really does not deserve. I’ve challenged him about this (e.g. here) but, even more sadly, he just got hostile (he called me, amongst other names, a “kook” and a “wanker!”).

Algis Kuliukas


February 2015

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