John Langdon’s (1997) JHE Critique

A long-awaited critical response from a specialist journal of anthropology

Considering Alister Hardy first requested his “was man more aquatic?” idea to be taken seriously in 1960, it is surprising, and disappointing, that it took almost 40 years for the field of anthropology to bother to respond with an actual paper in one of their specialist journals. John Langdon deserves credit for doing that, at least, with his critique, ostensibly about “umbrella hypotheses” generally.

Copyright does not allow me to offer Langdon’s original paper, or my published counter-critique in 2011, but I’ll provide a summary of both here, and links to more detailed pages about them as well as links to an interesting e-mail exchange that John and I had around 2012, which he kindly agreed for me to put on line.

Langdon’s Paper

Here’s a link to the abstract of John Langdon’s paper published in the esteemed Journal of Human Evolution.

My Counter-Critique

Here’s a link to my counter-critique, published in our “Hardy – 50 years on” update in 2011.

The Discussion

Here’s a link to the e-mail exchange John and I had in 2012.

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