Algis Kuliukas

The author of this web site is Algis Kuliukas. He is a database consultant and has a sister web site to support that side of his life:

Algis became an atheist at the age of 8 when an interest in astronomy and the Apollo space program conflicted with the Sunday school story he was being spoon fed – from the Book of Genesis. So for pretty much his whole life he has supported rational, scientific explanations for natural phenomena and was not cowered by the ex cathedra (arguments of authority).

Algis’ interest in human evolution was rekindled on bonfire night 1995 when his son asked him about the first people to use fire. A couple of months later, his wife gave birth to their youngest daughter at home with the aid of a birthing tub which got him interested in the so-called “aquatic ape hypothesis” of Elaine Morgan. As he read all of her books he began to ask himself why he wasn’t taught about this at university and why was the idea still largely derided. He returned to academia and did a Masters degree in 2000 at UCL “Bipedal Wading in Hominoidae Past and Present” and then emigrated to Western Australia to do a PhD “A Wading Component in the Origin of Hominid Bipedalism?” completing in 2016. He has still yet to hear one decent counter argument to the idea that slight selection from wading. swimming and diving through water may have largely shaped the human phenotype. He has also been a database consultant for almost 30 years.

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