Web Links for the Paperback Version

The eBook version contains many links to videos, images, music, maps and other web pages which are easily accessible from any eBook reader connected to the internet.

Because those who bought the paperback version might not want to miss out on all this, I have put together this page which can be opened whilst reading the book. Each hyperlink here will jump to the same web resources as the electronic version.

I’ve listed them all, under the Chapter Heading and page number.

About the Book
PageTypeNote and Link
xxiiWeb LinkKindle Cloud Reader
Happy 100th, Elaine!
xxxiiiImageThe Human Animal
1: Origins in England & Wales
1VideoInterview with Elaine Morgan in Mountain Ash 1999
4MapEast Coker to Pontypridd
6MapAlister Hardy’s early home
7MapThe Parade, early home of Fred and Martha
9ImageNewbridge of Pontypridd
11MapFrom Llanfabon to Llanbadoc
19MapGwinear to Gelligaer
24MapTrehafod to Mountain Ash
25MapStamora to Sarajevo
29ImageHardy’s Flight Magazine
29ImageOundle Public School
34ImagePiltdown Portrait
36Web LinkJuozas Kuliukas’ War Memoirs
2: Elaine Floyd & the Adventures of Alister Hardy
41MapPontypridd to Mountain Ash
41VideoElaine Interview on Childhood
44ImageGeorge Bligh (Hardy’s Ship)
45VideoThe British Exhibition at Wembley 1924
47ImageRSS Discovery
50MapTaung, South Africa
55MapPurton, Swindon (Home of Desmond Morris)
56MapPontypridd to Barry Island
56ImageBarry Island Pleasure Park
59ImagePontypridd Grammar School
3: Knocking ’em Cold in Wartime Oxford
63VideoElaine Interview on Childhood
63VideoLady Margaret Hall
64ImageAlister Hardy
64MapLMH to Merton College at Oxford
69ImageDrummond Allison
81LinkNebuvo lemta žūti
83WebLMH Alumni
84MapLMH > Wymondham
85MapYnysybwl > Pontypridd
4: Marrying Morien Morgan & Motherhood
89VideoElaine Interview on Politics & Early Career
90ImageLady Windsor Colliery
95MapSwaffham > Burnley
97MapBurnley > South Wales
98MapSite of Java Man
98MapCradle of Human Kind
98ImageSTS 14
104MapMichaelchurch Escley
5: Television Pioneer
117VideoElaine Interview TV Playwrite
6: 100 Years after the Descent of Man…
149VideoElaine Interview Descent of Woman and Hardy
159VideoKhachaturian’s adagio from Spartacus.
170VideoElton John: Lucy in the sky with diamonds.
172VideoSweet Georgia Brown.
173VideoJoey docu-drama about Joey Deacon (Part 1 Part 2).
7: That Aquatic Ape Woman
181VideoElaine Interview Chuck Milleken
189BlogForest 40 Years Ago (Forest v Liverpool)
190VideoBBC Documentary 40 Minutes: Cry for Home
191VideoThe Forgotten Voyage: Russell Wallace
191VideoThe Garden of Inheritance: Gregor Mendel
191VideoThe Burston Rebellion
192VideoThe Diary of Anne Frank (x4)
199Web PageRoede et al Summary
209VideoMy Interview on Sky News in Lithuanian
211Web PageElaine Morgan’s early present on the Web
213Web Siteaquaticape.org (Jim Moore’s slur-fest site)
214Web PageCan AATer Research be Trusted?
214Web PageMy Counter Critique (Yes it can!)
216PDFMy Critique of Langdon’s Paper
217VideoOrang-utan wading
221VideoBBC/Discovery “Aquatic Ape” Documentary
8: Following in Elaine’s Footsteps
225VideoElaine interview: Followers
233Web PageWikipedia on Encephalisation Quotient
240MapUniversity of Victoria
252WebPeter Rhys-Evans’ “Waterside Ape” Launch
9: Wading in with Elaine
281VideoClip of bonobo wading from Masters’ study
283Web PageDie großen Menschenaffen Book Cover
289VideoSir David Attenborough Wading
313Web PageA random example hyperlink to a page of references
316VideoMy AAPA 2009 Talk
320Web PageMy on-line Bipedalism Model Evaluator
321PDFMy PhD Thesis
10: A Brilliant & Defiant Twilight
327VideoElaine interview: When will be accepted?
332Web SiteWales Online
339VideoElaine’s talk at UCL 1 2 3 4
348VideoElaine’s 2009 TED Talk
362VideoLast video with Elaine in 2013
11: Elaine Morgan’s Anthropological Legacy.
365VideoElaine interview: Scientific v Dramatic Writing
373Web PageBBC Radio 4 2 Part Documentary: Waterside Ape
374Web PagepopG Poplation Genetics Program.
380PDFJohn Langdon and my ‘AAH’ discussion paper
391PDFCritique of Langdon’s (1997) Paper
391PDFCritique of Foley & Lahr’s (2014) Paper
391Web PageReview of Roede et al (1991)
395Web PageWikipedia’s page about Elaine.