In April 2021 it was my honour to be interviewed by Sam Harris on his Podcast “Bunch of Apes”. I doing so I was following in the footsteps of some pretty big names in human evolution such as Briana Pobinar, Agustin Fuentes, Jeremy DeSilva and last but very much not least, Chris Stringer.

I thought it went very well and I managed to talk about all the things I wanted to. Sam was great and totally open minded about waterside hypotheses in general and wading in particular, as everyone is that has not been trained to sneer or dismiss the idea out of hand.


Here are some videos of the presentations I’ve given over the years on Waterside Hypotheses of Human Evolution in descending date order.

The latest ones were WHAT talks and you can find these on the WHAT Talks web site and its associated YouTube channel.

WHAT Talk #20 June 2023

WHAT Talk #1 November 2021

Here is a two-part talk I gave to the Anatomy & Human Biology Department for my “Rite of Pasage” talk for my PhD in September 2016.

AAPA (American Association of Physical Anthropology) Chicago 2009.

ASHB (Australasian Society for Human Biology) Adelaide 2008.