Alister Hardy – 125 Years

In (nearly) my home town of Nottingham, on February 10th 1896, a great man was born. Sir Alister Hardy the genius behind the so-called “Aquatic Ape Hypothesis.”

Unfortunately, he didn’t realise how brilliant the idea actually was and so spent much of his later life investigating weird stuff like telepathy and religious experiences.

There are not many good biographical works about Sir Alister from the “aquatic ape” point of view, although David Hay wrote a very full account of his life from his religious perspective – called “God’s Biologist.”

NB Marshall wrote a rather brief summary of his life from a scientific point of view. It was something Hardy was entitled to have published as he was a Fellow of the Royal Society.

But apart from that, I have to admit that maybe my book on Elaine Morgan contains as fair an account of his “more aquatic in the past” idea as anything I’ve read.

Algis Kuliukas
10th February 2021

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